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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Trader’s Buddy Auto Trading Robot Review: Experience a Simple Trading

Trader’s Buddy is no longer operating their business. Read this FX Master Bot Review Instead.

Trader’s Buddy Auto Trading Robot Review: Very strange name it is.

… huh!

Sounds crazy?


Trader’s Buddy does exist at binary options trading market.

Traders Buddy is the precursor because they have brought it in the market.

Anyone who has a little knowledge of economics knows that trading related investment is a big thing.

Large investment and high risk are related with hedge fund.

Let’s mention Wikipedia for those who do not know what the hedge fund is.

“A hedge fund is an investment fund that pools capital from a limited number of accredited individual or institutional investors and invests in a variety of assets, often with complex portfolio construction and risk management techniques.”

Trader’s Buddy is committed to make this investment available for all.

They are intended to make it easy and accessible for everyone.

That is why it is not an untouchable thing anymore.


Trader’s Buddy Auto Trading Robot Review

Trader's Buddy Auto Trading Robot Review - Binoption

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Trader’s Buddy is an auto trading system.

It automatically places trade on behalf of a trader.

A trader doesn’t need to sit all day in front of a PC to conduct trading activities.

Instead, he lets the software trading on his behalf.

Traders Buddy uses unique software which does not to download.

A trader opens an account at Trader’s Buddy, connects a broker with the robot, sets his preferences and robot starts to place trade according all these settings and preferences.

Download Not Required

Trader’s Buddy runs it operation using web based software.

This software uses cloud technology.

Therefore, it is able to act automatically.

It does not require any download in order to continue trade or to save any data.

Connecting with internet is not even necessary.

No need to save any data.

The thing which a trader needs to do is that setting his preferences and robot will work following those preferences.

Trader’s Buddy Trading Style

Trader’s Buddy has 3 kinds of trading style and you can choose your style which fits best and suitable for you.

These 3 trading styles are –

1) Social Trading

2) Semi – Automatic

3) Automatic


Trader’s Buddy 3X Algorithms

It has 3X Trading Algorithms which fits with your personality amd they are –

1) RUSH OPTIONS – Short Term Options (MAX. 120 SECONDS)

2) BASERS – Medium Term Options (MAX. 4 HOURS)

3) INVESTO – Long Term Options (MAX. 3 DAYS)


Account Type

There are two types of account available at Trader’s Buddy.
These are –

  1. Regular Account
  2. VIP Account

Both the account holders enjoy a wide range of services including stop loss, reverse trading and risk level.


Trader’s Buddy Dashboard and Settings

Traders Buddy Dashboard, Settings and Result - Binoption

Make a deposit today and get 30 days VIP facilities for 1 month

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading


Expert Manager

In the idea of Trader’s Buddy, there is an indomitable presence of fund manager.

Fund manager administers the whole financial activities.

Traders Buddy has best binary experts of the industry who have huge knowledge and experience about trading.

They play a great role deciding trading decision and producing signals.



Signal is an integral part of any automated trading system.

Trader’s Buddy takes it more seriously than others.

It has a group of experts, professionals and economists who are well aware about the nature and movement of trading.

They analyze the market fundamentally and technically.

After having a close observation of market, they generate a signal.

Most of the cases, their signals are correct.

Anyone can ensure success following them.

Trader’s Buddy robot depends on these signals.

As these signals are produced by experts, that is why the success rate of robot is high.

Stop Loss

In the dashboard, there is a “Stop Loss” option.

It is a unique feature which will enable a trader to limit his loss.

While setting preferences, trader has to set how much loss he can bear.

Robot will stop trading when the loss reaches at the set limit.

Pending Order – Maintain Your Momentum

Many experienced traders want to take advantage of market momentum.

Trader’s Buddy offers traders the advanced “Pending Orders” technology and you can place your orders that are not immediate tradable through your broker.

By using this technology you can also take advantage of market momentum like experienced traders.


Reverse Trading

Robot usually works automatically.

It gets the signal generated by experts and places trade according to signal.

If a trader does not want robot to follow those signals, he can choose “Reverse Trading.”

While reverse trading is active, robot will not follow automatically generated signal.

Instead, it will place trade opposite of the signal.


Integrated with Regulated Broker

In every case, trust does matter.

Trader’s Buddy acknowledges this fact.

Regarding broker, BHF focuses on this particular quality.

Thus, we find Trader’s Buddy is strict and working with few but fully regulated and trusted broker.

These brokers have huge reputation in dealing with clients. I am mentioning some brokers name here –

  1. 24 Option
  2. IQ Option
  3. BDSwiss

Except these three brokers, Trader’s Buddy is integrated with other regulated brokers.

A trader can choose them using their dashboard.

Besides, a trader can connect and trade with multiple traders.

But preferences have to be set so that robot can work accordingly.


The common notion is that any type of trading requires huge amount of investment.

Because of that many restrain themselves from such type of business.

Trader’s Buddy is a solution here.

Its ultimate is to make it more accessible so that more people can join, invest and win!

Thanks, Trader’s Buddy!

For being a great buddy to binary options traders.

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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

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