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  1. Binary Tilt and a lot of other binary options brokers are scam. I invested $567,045 into Binary Tilt and i was promised this huge profit that never came. I was credited with bonuses i couldn’t withdraw and 3 months down the line my balance went to $0. I kept calling and they couldn’t tell me anything reasonable. These brokers have a lot of lies running under them which have cost many lives. Please be careful and warned.

    1. I don’t know why you invested this big amount with an unregulated broker. We always suggest for regulated broker as well as before investing big amount you should know ins and outs of trading. An expert and knowledgeable trader will not invest such kind of amount. So before blaming any broker first of all educate yourself and get experience. Basically Binary Tilt has no such complain, may be they have no regulation. However, always invest little amount such as $10-$250, when you are beginner.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for contacting with us.

      May I know which broker you have chosen?

      For your country, I’ll suggest this IQ Option Broker – and they are very good in customer support as well as perfect for beginners.

      You can directly create account from Here.

      Thank You
      Binoption Team

  2. I would advise all to follow — Binoption they helped me to choose best broker. They are providing real review about brokers. They also helped my neighbor with the same issue we got into together. If you want to earn from trading then my advice is you should follow binoption. Moreover their support are friendly and effective.

  3. everything which is written here about is wrong, it is a non regulated platform in EU, everybody should be aware to trade with this platform. They prosper with your money, you will never see it again

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your feedback. In our review, we already explained that it is an unregulated broker but still we didn’t get any complain where it can be proved that this broker is fraud. We are sorry that you have bitter experience with Binary Tilt. Risk is involved in any kind of financial trading. We can suggest you that if you have proof against Binary Tilt, then you can complain to CySec. You can read this guide – “How to complain to CySec”.

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