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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Zulutrade Automated Social Trading Review: Who Are Keen For Genuine Information!

We are going to show you something different by this ZuluTrade Automated Social Trading Review, who is actually a Social and Copy Trading platform, offers Forex, Crypto Currency and Binary Options.

Nowadays Social Trading and Copy Trading is being embraced by many traders in the Forex Trading Industry.

The more flexibility it offers cannot be compared with anything in the industry.

This Automated Social and Copy Trading Platform gives opportunity to less skilled and new traders to meet their goals.

Per the latest investigation ZuluTrade is found to be a platform with a lot of skilled traders to allow other traders to pick their preferred specialized user who performs well.

These selected users will then allocate part of the portfolio to the trades.

The system will consider this movement and will copy trades as if it was clients’ own, network’s total profits will grow.

Their specialized services and expert customer-care support are the other reasons they are top in this industry.

Zulutrade Social Trading Review: Automated Forex trading and huge profits

ZuluTrade Automated Social Trading Review - Binoption

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Many traders have made their entry into Forex trade hoping to make huge profits.

After been involved with demo accounts and trading style, they begin to use real money in live trading.

This is when; novice traders instantly realize that the real world trading is quite different from what is depicted in the demo trading.

Many traders’ crash and burn money by trying various ways to survive in the field, but as doubts start filling their minds; slowly they will choose to give up altogether.

On the flip side some trader will still try to hold onto to it even being stressed and weathered hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel someday.

It is true that there should be lot of patience for every trader out there but there is no guarantee that the result will be positive for those who wait.

This is exactly when the service on ZuluTrade Social Trading platform plays a crucial role.

This web based platform was established in 2007 by Leon Yohai, who is the founder and CEO of ZuluTrade.

The main concept of ZuluTrade is to create an open environment, where traders on a global-level can connect any trading platform and share their knowledge.

Irrespective how well-versed or new you are to the Forex trading, it gives a path for them to survive through investing safely.

Professional and specialized trades will bring their hands together to hand-hold and plan the investment of new and inexperienced ones.

Why ZuluTrade Social and Copy Trading?

ZuluTrade Social Trading Platform - Binoption
Below are the reasons, traders can choose ZuluTrade as their trading platform –

  • Trusted Platform
  • It also offers Binary Options and Crypto Currencies
  • Minimum Deposit: Depends on Broker
  • Automated Trading Service
  • Traders can create their own choice
  • ZuluGuard for protecting the account
  • Social Charts
  • Social Features (Like, Comment, Rate and Participate)
  • Auto Trading Features for Forex and Crypto-Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin).
  • $25 Welcome Bonus
  • Demo Account
  • Exclusive Features (Social Charts, User List, Trade wall, Calendar, Forex Tools)
  • Simulation Option
  • Available Platforms (iPad & iPhone, Android App + Widget, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS10 App, Desktop Widget)
  • Trading Guide and User Guide
  • 24/5 help and support

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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading


Maximum profits with minimal risk: ZuluTrade Forex Signal Provider

Zulutrade Technology Forex Signal - Binoption
ZuluTrade has been proved to help traders at all times irrespective of their level to maximize profits with minimal risks.

There is limit for risk acceptance for each trader who enters this field, this will be gauge by the expert traders and according portfolio is created to balance risk through investment in different industries.

Thus, there is no excuse for newbies to start making profits immediately entering this field.

Most top-notch traders will make sure to stay in the trade by being calm and observing smart strategies amid highs and lows.

Until date, ZuluTrade is the one and only platform that offers Forex traders an opportunity to turn to be gurus in the trades.

By being a guru, they will get incentive to partake in the trading network and it is in the form of credits and awards that the platform has set up.

Profits will increase as one becomes Guru Trader with the help of followers.

The confidence of the trader goes notch higher, driving them to make profitable moves than ever-before.

These are the reasons why it is said ZuluTrade offers win-win situation to all and by this it makes sure new traders will tips from specialists while specialists get chance to make extra earning by just sharing knowledge.


ZuluTrade Automator – Automated Forex and CryptoCurrency Trading

This tool can be a personal assistant for any traders.

It can monitor and notify the traders when things happen or automatically execute any action, either traders can do by themselves.

So, using this “if I could do this when that happens” logic, traders can create and execute their own automated rules.

A few typical examples are:

  • If PnL from Trader X is less than $1,000 then send me a notification email and lock all trades
  • If realized PnL of my account is more than $1,000 then close all profitable trades
  • If number of open trades by any Trader is greater than 50 then stop receiving new trades from Traders

The possibilities are endless, and traders can create the rules to match their own trading needs!

Social Charts of ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade Social Chart - Binoption
In Social Chart section, traders will get events where it provides all social activity between ZuluTrade Users – profitable trades closed, comments and replies.

And you can also comment if you wish.

Then clicking on the trades or comments icon, traders will get details for the relevant trades and comments.

Zulutrade Social Activity - Binoption
From the filter chart events, traders can select what events should be displayed in chart or by using the top hash tags traders can view all events of a currency pair.

From the Trading Mode Option traders can switch to the technical charts with custom indicators, objects and scripting ability.
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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading



ZuluTrade Social Trading Calendar - Binoption
From the calendar section, traders can be updated by Important Upcoming Events.

Even traders can filter economic events by selecting currency, impact and date.


Forex Tools

In Forex Tools features, 4 tools / calculators are available for traders and they are –

Pip Calculator

zulutrade pip calculator - Binoption

Margin Calculator

zulutrade margin calculator - Binoption

Profit Calculator

zulutrade profit calculator - Binoption

Currency Converter

zulutrade currency converter - Binoption



Zulutrade Simulation Tool - Binoption
This powerful tool allows you to test the Traders’ performance against different settings from your account.

It basically calculates the potential profit your account could have with trades of specific Traders, executed under different parameters.

Many successful traders are using this tool for getting success in trade.
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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading


Why investors love ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade Support and Office - Binoption
This professional and user-friendly trading platform proves that it belongs to experts and newbie traders will be benefited by copying and following the experts.

Though there are lot of fake applications and websites out there to steal clients and trader’s hard earned money, it is not very difficult to figure out if they are genuine or not.

Sometimes, the display itself will help us to differentiate between real and fake ones.

This platform will make sure your efforts are not useless.

The investigation done on ZuluTrade platform helped us to conclude that this platform is a genuine.

It ensures that the client does not lose their track while they are in the edge of making money.

The FAQ and User Guide section is very accessible and easy to understand, many novice traders have found this information helpful as and when they get stuck.

They even have a support team at just a click away named as ‘Support’ in the platform.

As well as a click on ‘Start copying’ will take the trader through steps to follow for copying professional traders.

It was found that these steps are easy to follow and complete.


Last Words

ZuluTrade is always there at just the reach of traders to overcome negative probabilities and to reap generous rewards for success.

It is recommended to create an account to start enjoying the quality service and benefits.

They even have presentation videos to demonstrate the basics of the service and ways to use it effectively.

Signing into ZuluTrade platform is as simple as just one-two-three.

Basic information such as email address, name and password has to be provided.

The platform even awards the traders with sign-up credits as welcoming gratitude.

Make use of these informative ZuluTrade Reviews before trading Forex, Binary options and Crypto Currency.

Invest money in safe sites to start reaping benefits for your efforts and to earn handful profits.

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High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

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