DaxRobot Review: An Wide Analysis Of Automated Trading Robot

Last Updated: August 2nd, 2020
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DaxRobot Review: A Wide Analysis Of This Automated Trading Robot

DaxRobot is a newly launched robot for automated trading. Today’s trading industry seems to be overflowed with trading robots of different categories.

This trend has some positive impact on the market as well as some negative. However, these robots are versatile and resourceful, which help traders to trade according to the market fluctuations.

You are guaranteed a quick, safe, and secure 24/7 trading experience. The automated robot usually trades with no emotional involvement, fear, greed, ego, etc. It also helps traders to keep himself aloof from indulging in random trading.

But choosing a scam robot can easily put a trader into huge trouble. So, make sure that you have done complete research.

In today’s article, we are going to share our analysis of DaxRobot. We can assure you that you will get a transparent review here. It will also help you to choose your favourable auto trading robot.

Make yourself comfortable and let’s get started!

What Is DaxRobot: DaxRobot Review

DaxRobot is a CFD and Forex trading platform. The automated trading platform produces signals by considering a variety of algorithms and systems of recognizing patterns that allows them to identify correct signals and to use them for making profits.

Although very new to the trading industry, this robot is already getting a great deal of attention. As with this robot, you will be able to make money with minimum interference.  

DAXbase is the only broker that DaxRobot supports. It has a nice reputation in the CFDs market that is operated by Clever Technologies. Other than this broker, DaxRobot has 10 readymade robots for the traders’ convenience. 

It has a wide range of payment methods including credit card, Bitcoin, Litecoin and so on. Unfortunately, there is no detail information about the robot on their website, nor even any historical data. 

On the other hand, this company is compliant with financial regulation standards; however, as their business is international, they are not limited within the particular country regulatory framework.

DaxRobot Special Offer

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Through this special offer, we are giving you the ability to trade with even more power and more confidence.

Daxbase - DX200

How To Get Special Bonus Offer

As we stated before, the bonus is automatically available for all clients who deposit $1000 or more into their funding accounts. 

  • Copy the bonus code
  • Go to the Account funding page
  • Enter the special bonus offering code and get your bonus.

Why Choose DaxRobot

Choosing a well-organized and trusted robot is undoubtedly important for every trader. Before making the final decision, read the following features and see if this robot is worthy for performing trade or not.

  • Demo account facility
  • A minimum deposit $250
  • Minimum investment $1
  • Profit Percentage 97%
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Profitability up to 340% a year
  • Web-based trading platform
  • Easy registration and login process
  • Various deposit methods
  • Own robot customization
  • No mobile trading facility
  • Dedicated customer support team

DaxRobot Sign-Up And Login Process

Sign up and log in are the processes that you must have to complete. It’s pretty easy here. You just need to proceed through some easy steps to register and have login access.

So, let’s see what the steps are.

DaxRobot Sign Up:

Follow the following steps to sign up.

Firstly, you need to fill a registration form that will appear as soon as you sign-up. You’ve to put your First name, last name, phone number, account currency, E-mail address, password, and the broker that you want.

Secondly, put a tick by clicking all the three boxes that are for security issues; verifying you’re not a robot, agreeing with the disclaimer and you’re from the outside USA.

Thirdly, you’ll get an account to login after completing the free registration.

DaxRobot Log In:

Just click on the login option and enter the email address and password that you’ve provided while registering. And their trading platform will appear before you.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Settings And Trading Platform

Trading can be both thrilling and disastrous based on the knowledge and skills as well as the platform you choose. It has multiple underwater stones that can easily assure your downfall within a very short time.

Every trader needs to get familiarize with the trading platform. All trading platforms are almost similar, except for some ordinary differences. So, it will add some advantages to the traders that they can easily understand the whole platform.

After opening the trading platform you need to choose a robot from the list. Or just create your bot according to your plan. You can easily find out all the Top robots on the left side of the trading platform.

If you are unwilling to trade with these robots, just click on the “CREATE MY ROBOT” option which is located above the top robot list. You have to select your favourite asset pairs and at least three indicators to start with.

DaxRobot Supported Broker

DaxRobot Supported Broker-Binoption

DaxRobot has only our supported broker that is DAXbase. DAXbase is operated by Clever Technologies.

There are three account types- Bronze, Silver, and Gold. After completing your free registration, you have to activate your preferable trading account by initial deposit to start your trading. They also provide a copy trading facility.

Additionally, the broker offers leverage up to 1:100 and Demo trading is allowed as well.

  • Deposit amount is minimum 250$ and the maximum – 50000$
  • The minimum trade starts from only $1
  • Minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is $50.
  • Guaranteed withdrawals processing within 1 hour.

How To Create A Bot

How To Create A Bot-Binoption

Click on ‘CREATE MY ROBOT’ after reaching the trading platform. Name your robot and select asset pairs that you prefer.

Next, select your favourite indicators and period. You have to select a minimum of 3 indicators. And save it by clicking the save option and you’re done.

Here, creating own robots seems very easy for the traders, especially the newbies. You can easily find the list of your own robots in the ‘MY ROBOT’ section.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Top Robots: Created By DaxRobot

Now let’s have a look at the Top Robots that are made by DaxRobot. Unlocking these robots require funding on your account.

Here, are the detail of those robots. Though the profit rate is included here, it’s not fixed, rather it varies month to month.

The very first robot offered by DaxRobot is Cryptohunter1. Unlocking this robot requires a huge deposit amount of $2500. 

They claim that the profit rate of this robot is 1000%. Though they didn’t even bother writing any other information here for their trader’s convenience except the Algo level of 0pts.

The minimal deposit you have to put to trade with this robot is $500. Its profit rate is 359% as per their claim. We learn the income rate of this robot is 430%, Algo level is 9 pts by researching the dialogue box of this robot.

The analysis of the ADX technical indicator with automatic detection of RSI and STOCH levels dictates the strategy of this robot. 

Like the previous one RSIMA Cross also needs a deposit of $500 to be unlocked.

  • The profit rate is 300%
  • Income rate is 350%
  • Algo level is 5 pts

According to this robot description, the robot will match the RSI with the moving average cross indicator on the 4-period and 13-period MAs.

The income rate of this robot 280% and Algo level is 6 pts. The minimal deposit is 250$. Here, the profit rate is 258%.

Moreover, the robot opens and closes trades whenever the CCI or the SRSI gives a signal in the opposite direction.

The minimal deposit is 250$. The income rate of this robot 260% and Algo level is 5 pts. The profit rate is 225%.

This robot is tuned for BTC/USD, LTC/USD and other cryptocurrencies. It identifies breakouts and jumps on an ongoing trend.

The income rate of this robot 170% and Algo level is 4 pts. The minimal deposit is $250. The profit rate is 154%.

According to the description box of it, this robot is using a mixture of different macro-economic indicators that positively influence the Asia economy and market volatility. If current market volatility confirms positive signals, the robot trades.

The minimal deposit is $250. The income rate of this robot 60%, Algo level is 4 pts, and the profit rate is 113%.

Strong US v2 follows the strategy that looks to capitalize on the mayhem that may ensue during an especially strong print. In this strategy, the trader wants to look to go into NFP with their full positions.

It’s because if the volatility created around the announcement, may be able to push their trade deeply into profitable territory, they can look to take advantage of that.

The minimal deposit is $250. The income rate of this robot 130% and Algo level is 5 pts. The profit rate is 111%.

It follows a momentum trading strategy based on the low-frequency trend component of the spot exchange rate. Using kernel regression and the high-pass filter of Hodrick and Prescott cycles.

They recover the non-linear trend in the monthly exchange rate and use short-term momentum in this to generate a call and put signals.

The minimal deposit is $250. Income rate of this robot 130%, Algo level is 8 pts, and the profit rate is 110%.

As moving average crossovers are effective as signal generators only in trending markets, we use the ADM index to determine the trend’s strength.

So, If the average directional movement index is showing the existence of a strong trend (ADM index is above the 20-25 area), we may proceed entering according to the EMA crossover signals

Minimal deposit starts from $250. The income rate of this robot 140, Algo level is 4 pts and, the profit rate is 97%.

The robot combines the RVI with the 9-period and 16-period SMAs. After receiving a trade signal from the Relative Vigor Index, the robot only enters a new position after a cross of the two SMAs in the direction of his desired position.

Moreover, the robot exits his position once there is an SMA cross, which goes in the opposite direction of his trade.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Demo Trading

Demo trading is undoubtedly important for every trader. It boosts the experience level and skills of traders. DaxRobot provides a demo trading facility. But like most cases, it’s only for the one-minute duration.

Just click on ‘ROBOT DEMO’ to start demo trading. You will get virtually $1000 to trade. When you open a demo account, forget that it is a “demo” account. Treat it as a live account and your real money.

Do you like to lose money with your live account so easily? If not, then do not lose with your demo account so easily too.

Mobile Trading

Trading on mobile is much easier than trading on a laptop. It’s quite tough for traders to execute the trade by sitting before the laptop all day long. Mobile trading is a kind of a blessing in this case as it helps traders to get follow up on their trading history.

Unfortunately, DaxRobot doesn’t have any Mobile trading platform. In reply to the question regarding this matter, they notified that they are working on it.

Now time will say what we’re going get; whether they really are working on it or just tried to create a good impression.

DaxRobot Asset Index

You’ve learned before that DaxRobot is basically deal with Cryptocurrencies and Forex pairs. In the dashboard, you can see the 12 different asset pairs from both Forex and Cryptocurrency. 

Forex pairs:


Crypto pairs:


From these pairs, you can select one or multiple pairs to start trading with. It’s about your choice.

Deposit Process

Funding your deposit is easy. You can use various payment systems to fund your account and get started.

Let’s have a look at the deposit methods first:

VISA MasterCard:

This method will cost 5% while funding. Its covered regions include almost everywhere. You can instantly fund your account. 


Bitcoin doesn’t cost any transfer fee and instantly input your fund to the account.


Funding with Ethereum is just like bitcoin. You can instantly fund your account without any cost from anywhere.


Altcoins too don’t cost any transfer fee.

Perfect Money:

You can also use Perfect Money to fund your account with no transfer fee. But it may take up to one hour to complete the funding process. 

Moreover, there are other options like BitcoinCASH, MONERO, etc.

High Capital Risk Is Involved In Financial Trading

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit methods. But it’s worth mentioning that you may have to wait up to 1 hour to get your withdrawal.

During weekends and public holidays, the funding may be delayed.

Is It A Scam Or Legit

Is It Scam Or Legit-Binoption

Trading robots are spreading rapidly in this era and in most cases, all they have to offer on their website is a simple trailer video that is to convince new traders to invest. 

From this point of view, the authority of DaxRobot seems are indeed on a tight budget as they didn’t even include a trailer on their website.

Even different popular trading platforms like Zulu Trade etc. provided all their information to prove their legitimacy. It makes traders feel safe.

But not providing every detail information doesn’t mean that they are a scam. Scam robots can’t survive in the market for a long time. As DaxRobot is getting more attention day by day that means it has some speciality to provide to their traders.

DaxRobot Advantages

DaxRobot Advantages-Binoption

Let’s have a quick look at the advantages that you’ll get from this robot. It may help you to decide precisely whether you choose it or not.

Simple and convenient interface.

  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • No additional fees.
  • Accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Own robot creation facility.

DaxRobot Disadvantages


DaxRobot has some crucial drawbacks that we should make you aware of are given below.

  • Only one broker that is new in this field and not regulated by any major regulatory body that limits traders.
  • Lack of information on the website.
  • one-minute limit demo session.
  • No verified backtesting result.
  • The initial deposit amount is comparatively high.
  • No mobile trading facilities.

Final Words

Most auto trading robots claim to use special algorithms, we appreciate the fact that DaxRobot doesn’t claim to use any of that special stuff.

Instead, it simply explains that you will be using an automated system powered by common technical indicators.

Lastly, As usual, we always recommend you to enrich your trading knowledge. You must have to be conscious and smart enough to find out the authenticity of any auto trading platform.

Don’t fall for any temptation, rather verify every single detail from your trusted sites that provide you with authentic information. Or, just knock their customer care service option just to be 100% sure.

Keep in mind that, if you lose, you’re going to lose money from your wallet, not from anyone else’s.

So, check and double-check before starting with any trading robots.

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