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60 Seconds Binary Options Strategy: Know the Advantage

60 Seconds Binary Options Strategy

In this article we are going to discuss about the advantages of 60 seconds binary options strategy.

It is not possible to have long term profits without having a strategy.

To know more about this statement, this article will help you with further information.

There are two advantages of having a strategy for trading and they are it will eliminate the emotions from your trading and gives trading repetition.

Having these two will help you get better opportunities as compared to other traders.

As trading is not connected to emotions, there will be a set of logic that is applied for the situation.

And every time when the same situation occurs in the market, the same strategy can be used by the trader without any re thinking.

After a couple of trades, you will be able to analyze if the strategy is working good enough to earn your sufficient profit or not.

Based on this analysis you can continue with it or modify it according to the needs.

The control of this is with each trader, you can modify the portfolio and even trading strategies as per your requirement at your preferred time.

This is more like a continuous process.

Every time you feel that the strategy can be improved, without any external restriction the amendment can be made on the platform.


60 seconds options trades:

A decent number of 50 trades can help you understand how you made profit and why you had losses.

Among these 60 second trades hold a very special place in all binary option traders’ heart.

Though binary option traders are shorter as compared to normal trades, these 60 seconds trades are one of the fastest type of trades.

These are extreme of quick trades and for this trades should be very vigilant and quick.

Being proactive and reactive is an essential feature in all traders.

These type of trades work on clear cut strategies.

The analysis at all stage will help you to know how much percentage would be your gain in a month.

Also do a comparison between the numbers of trades you won versus lost.

This comparison will give clarity on whether the existing strategy is a solid one or if it should be amended.
Apart from this managing money is very important part of binary option trading.

Invest money that suits your account balance, do not over invest or invest less as this can directly affect your capital growth.

Also do not invest too much on a single trade, as you are new to trading binary option you will have limited exposure to all features.

As you gain experienced more opportunity and trading features will be opened.

No trade will guarantee profit;

Investment is purely based on the analysis and luck.

The way markets swing will directly impact your investment, thus if your prediction come true you will win a jackpot!


Challenges of 60 seconds trades:

Nobody has till date stepped into binary option trading with all right decision and analysis.

What you have set as a best option will have to be altered a few months down the line when things change in the market.

There is no perfect strategy, what looks best today might not be the best plan or technique after a month.

This is the very reason why you need to analyze the market and asset’s condition and accordingly improve your strategy.

You will be a dabbler without a strategy.

Trying different things randomly will lead to losing a lot of money.

This way you will win some money at one place and will lose it elsewhere.

Instead have a good strategy that can work well on your investment and work constantly to upgrade it with better techniques and plans.

The main disadvantage of 60 seconds trades are related to the short span of the trades.

Though you have some certain prediction of future, it is really not going to help you much if you are into 60 seconds trades.

As the name states these trades last only for a minute, thus having information of market movement just a few seconds before the announcement is when these trades will be a very big hit.

As a trader your hunt should be to find magical tools that can make wonders on your trading.

Though there are a lot of online applications, they will only suggest option through signals and indicators by the ultimate decision is the trader’s.


Various parts of binary options strategies:

Each strategy has unique features and works differently from the rest.

Whether it is pre-existing strategy that is available in the platform or something you have created with your own skill the profits you make from each one will be different.

What you earned from strategy 1 today will be different from strategy 2 even if they have similar techniques on different assets.


The various parts of trading strategies are:

It creates signals:

Strategies are set per which market is analyzed on the basis of various factors and signals are generated by broker platforms.

These signals will be transmitted to traders in the form of messages and emails.

Traders will then make use of this information in a timely manner to decide whether to invest in a particular asset or not.

These signals are time sensitive, i.e. there is an expiry period for each signal and if it is not used within the expiry time, promised results cannot be generated.

Helps to know how much to invest:

Whether new or experienced the confusion in every mind is how much to invest.

Having strategies will assist traders to segregate the portfolio and investment will be thus bifurcated.
These bifurcated amounts are used for each type of assets.

Money management strategies are used for this analysis.

And there are three money management strategies:

No money management strategy,

Percentage based money management strategy and

Martingale money management strategy.

Among this three, only one strategy can generate long term success;

And that is Percentage based money management strategy.

Helps in improvement:

Improvement is always a need for strategies irrespective of how perfectly crafted it is.

The improvement will help you to get the best results at all times.

If you have the patience to analyze the strategies and modify according to market changes, the returns generated will help you to be a long term successful binary option trader.


Keep trading for a few months to compare the performance over a period of time.

Meantime learn how to construct strategies and what should be considered.

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