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Pick Your Trading Strategy Now For Your Trading!

For getting success in binary options you need to pick your trading strategy and need to execute for doing experiment.

The common myth of binary option trading is that only those who are experienced can trade this instrument, but the truth is totally different.

There is no requirement to have prior experience in trading financial assets;

This is totally a unique type of trading with limited risk and option to offer maximum profits.

The skill to do this type of trading can be grasped within limited period.

The main things about this trading is where the trader predicts to which direction the price of the asset will move and according bet on the same.

The price of the asset is expected to either increase (call) or decrease (put).

To be successful, simple strategies and methods along with a reliable broker and persistence is sufficient.

Broker platforms main goal is to provide effective strategies which will increase the return on the capital investment.

The system will capture various market signals and will set the right signal that fit the trader’s requirements.

Minimizing risk is an important aspect for every trader, there are few areas to concentrate for the same, like do not invest your full capital at one shot, do a complete research on the asset before you pick for investing.

While trying an asset for the first time, invest just 10 % -15 % only to check the process and then gradually increase the investment amount.

These will not just decrease your risk of trading but will also safe guard your investment wisely.

Though they are many assets in binary option trades, the most commonly used and considered type of trading is single asset trading.

The very frequently used single asset trading is Euro – dollar exchange rate trades.


Some of the commonly used types of trading strategies are:

1. Trend Strategy:

Both experienced and beginners are using this trading strategy frequently as it is the most basic one for trading.

It is also known as bull- bear strategy and it is focused on rising, monitoring, declining as well as flat trend life of traded asset.

If there is a prediction considering the price of the asset will go up and flat trend line analysis to justify the same.

Though this binary option works similar to call / put option.

The only exception is here you can select the price at which underlying asset price do not touch a certain level.

It is also known as no – touch binary option.

2. Pinocchio Strategy:

When there is too much volatility in the market this strategy is used.

Too much volatility means when the asset prices shoots up or fall this strategy is considered as the best option.

If the expected value of the asset is expected to go up, then traders choose CALL option where as it is drops, PUT option is selected.

Most of the broker offers a free demo of this strategy of trading to make sure traders feel comfortable trading through this manner.

3. Straddle Strategy:

This strategy is also used during market volatility.

But the difference between Pinocchio and Straddle is Straddle strategy is most used just before the break of important information or market news related to specific stocks;

Or according to the predictions of analysts.

Throughout the global community of trading this strategy is highly used.

The strategy is one of the best one used to have “in the money” in the transaction.

4. Risk Reversal Strategy:

This is one of the mostly used trading strategies by experienced binary option traders.

This is built to consider the risk associated to the trading.

Positive profits with low risk are the key factor.

If you are trading on assets that have fluctuating values, then this strategy is considered best as well as if you are new to the financial trading market.

It is advisable to not try this as the level of risk taken will be minimum and the factors associated to the same can be handled without a specific risk strategy.

5. Hedging Strategy:

This strategy is also known as pairing and is used frequently with corporations in binary option trading and for traditional stock exchanges.

This is a source for protection and minimum risk.

In case of market volatility losing investment is the main fear for any investor.

This can be mitigated by the hedging strategy.

In this strategy you can book off – setting trades for executed trades to balance the risk and to make profit.

Thus if your put option losses money, the off – setting call option can gain profit on the flip side and the loss will be NIL.

The return through hedging strategy is the difference between put option and call option executing charges.

This is an ideal way of protecting your investment from any market risks or fluctuations.

6. Fundamental Analysis:

During stock trading to have better understanding of the trading this strategy is used.

It is more of informational type.

With this there will better accuracy in the predictions of traders and analysts.

There is in-depth review conducted on this type of approach to give accurate and reliable information to everyone who makes use of this information for any transactions.

The report from this analysis will include earning reports, financial statements and market share.

Having said all these, the best approach is to understand what your needs are and accordingly decide which strategy will better suit the requirements.

Strong predication should be backed up with sufficient statistics.

Also it is crucial to know that good binary option trading systems will itself check and decide the best one that suits your trading style and will accordingly book the trades.

Either trade on those assets that you are familiar with, or consider exotics trading assets with some excellent trading strategies.

Apart from the ones listed above, each trader can come up with a unique and exclusive trading strategy as per the market conditions.

Trade should be smart enough the book the trade in the right direction with his prediction and analysis.

If these go wrong, then making money through binary option trading is tough.


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